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Ascension has invested in providing authentically Catholic media free-of-cost to our audience since 2014.

Since then, our offerings have grown from a single presenter on YouTube to:

  • 6 weekly podcasts
  • 1 daily podcast (7 episodes per week)
  • Sunday Mass with Fr. Mike
  • 4+ weekly videos on Ascension Presents and Sundays with Ascension YouTube channels
  • And more!

That's 18 new pieces of content every week!

As our offerings continue to grow, we’ve begun to rely on financial support from people who find our content enriching to help offset our increasing costs of production.

With this ongoing support, we are not only able to continue making the podcasts and videos that people have come to rely on, but we are also able to expand our offerings and seek out additional opportunities to create content that Catholics will love.

Read more to see exactly what your support can help us do!

What goes into making all this content?

Each and every piece of content Ascension creates goes through a process to ensure that we deliver high quality, faithfully Catholic content. That process looks something like this.


In addition to time and expertise from our presenters, freelancers, and staff, we also use audio/video equipment, software, and other tools necessary to meet the needs of production.

What content is currently being supported?



What does Ascension do with this financial support?

We make Catholic content! In addition to our current offerings, we are always looking for new opportunities to serve the unique needs of Catholics living in the world today.

While this media is free to our audience, it’s not free to create. Your gift of financial support helps defray these costs and enables us to keep bringing Catholic media to all those searching for God.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Since Ascension is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your contribution is not tax-deductible.

With the help of our audience’s support, Ascension creates and distributes award-winning Catholic media that impacts people all around the world – for free! You can see a small sampling of the tens of thousands of audience testimonials we’ve received below!

Does Ascension accept ads or sponsorships?

We occasionally accept sponsorships from other Catholic institutions, but we are extremely selective about those partnerships and we decline many high-paying offers from advertisers who don’t align with our Catholic mission and values.

We always have, and always will, put our mission first.

Does Ascension use its media to sell its products?

We create high-quality Catholic products as well as media, and are happy to share our products with our media audiences to help them go deeper in their faith journeys.

(If you’d like to help us make product and content decisions, sign up for our email list here. We are constantly sending out surveys and questionnaires and we read every word.)

How does Ascension's media help people?

We've heard countless stories of people whose faith has been strengthened by our media. Here are just a few!

Father Josh is the greatest! He is so relatable and funny (love his glory stories and especially his singing!) and I’m having so much fun learning about my faith. I’m finding out there’s so much I don’t know and this podcast has been so enlightening. Father Josh doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics. He’s made me believe that I can be a saint. Take a listen—I believe he can inspire you, too.


—Elswyth00 from Apple Podcasts

Listening to EKSB [Every Knee Shall Bow] has been life-changing for me. Mike and Dave are funny, enlightening, encouraging, and inspiring. I love their honesty and desire to teach in a way that builds confidence to live, share, and grow in our faith.


—nerdy sheep from Apple Podcasts

The BEST EVER Catholic podcast!! It has helped my faith and knowledge of the Church grow enormously, and the way Dr. Sri presents each topic weekly is very straightforward and candid!! May God continue giving him his Holy Spirit to continue this wonderful mission.


—Ingrid Gelgado from Apple Podcasts

I absolutely love Jeff’s podcast. His knowledge of the faith and Scripture, paired with his humble heart and practical advice for daily living the faith has been such a joy and help in my life. I truly feel he loves his listeners and is invested in their best interests, and I look forward to hearing his words of wisdom every week. God bless you Jeff in all that you do!


—BLaurenRFMen from Apple Podcasts

Danielle gives her audience such a gift in every episode of Girlfriends. She covers relevant topics that women in the Church are interested in, while offering encouragement to affirm Catholic women in their vocations and in their true worth as God created them. I look forward to listening to each episode and her podcast always brings joy to my day. Thank you Danielle, for the beautiful gift you give to Catholic women with your wisdom, insight and your writing!


—rosegreen17 from Apple Podcasts

I don’t have the time to watch the Fr. Mike videos, but I can listen to the podcast during my drives. Love that they’re so short and can produce me with a quick reflection. Keep them coming!


—mariecdambe from Apple Podcasts

Thank you for all you have done! This channel [Ascension Presents] helped me come back to my faith, understand it more deeply, and share the faith with others. Keep up the awesome work!


—lunams7 from YouTube

BIAY has changed everything for me! For years, I was a lapsed Catholic. I discovered BIAY in January and quickly felt like I wanted even more. Aside from listening to BIAY every day, I pray the Rosary daily and attend Mass every week. I even went to confession for the first time in more than twenty years. I started a Rosary club at my daughter’s school this year. My life is on a completely different path, and it is all thanks to Fr. Mike, Jeff Cavins, and the Ascension team!

—Fallon T.

I was away from the Catholic Church for more than fourteen years. I married a Protestant man and we raised our children as Protestant Christians. But I missed my Catholic roots, and I started having doubts about my faith in Protestantism. I prayed to God for guidance, and I found the answer one day in January of this year when my husband told me we should listen to this podcast [The Bible in a Year]. We have been listening every day. This podcast has brought me back to the Catholic Church, and we have decided we want to raise our six children as Catholics. I would like to thank Father Mike for bringing me back to my Catholic Faith.


My husband, Phil, was an atheist when we met seventeen years ago. Over the years, he had softened his heart and was more open to accepting the Lord in his life. In January we started listening to BIAY and never missed a day. The change in my husband was extraordinary. We discussed the daily readings and he marveled at Fr Mike’s ability to read all of the names. On September 13th, Phil was admitted to the hospital. During his hospital stay, we continued listening to BIAY and prayed together. On September 29th, Phil passed away. Before he died, he asked me to let you know what a difference the BIAY made in his life.


How many people does Ascension's media reach?

Our current media reach includes:

  • 850,000 subscribers on Ascension Presents, the largest Catholic YouTube channel in English
  • 750,000 combined followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • 165,000,000 video views on YouTube
  • 660,000,000+ podcast downloads

How can I help support Ascension's Media?

First and foremost, please keep us in your prayers!

If you are able to support us financially as well, click the button below.

Awards for Ascension's Media

Bronze Telly Winner: Ascension's "Fr. Mike and Mark Wahlberg on Father Stu"

w3 Awards – Gold Winner

Podcast Awards – #1 in Religion and Spirituality

Cardinal John P. Foley Award for "The Bible in a Year" Podcast

Bronze Telly Winner: Ascension's "How Demons Actually Work"

Silver Telly Winner: Ascension's "How Should Catholics Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic"