Rejoice! Art Prints: The Annunciation

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 A reflection on the piece from the artist:
The Annunciation

“Do not be afraid,” the angel said to Mary.

This painting meditates on the intimate conversation between the angel and the Virgin after those words were spoken. In this painting, the angel, Gabriel, interrupts Mary in her daily chores to announce that she will give birth to Jesus.

Gabriel’s glow not only reveals his glory but also, like a candle’s light, brings a comforting glow of grace to Mary. Although appearing small and modest, Mary stands comfortably in the angel’s presence—listening to his every word. The painting is a balance of miraculous wonder and prayer-like peace.

This painting is also about vessels. The two vases on the floor represent the Law and the Prophets. Mary, a vessel herself for Christ, holds a basket representing our Savior, Jesus—God poured out for the entire world.

Product details:

  • Matte paper
  • Museum-quality posters
  • Printed on durable, archival paper
  • Available in (8 x 10), (12 x 16), and (16 x 20) inch sizes
  • Frame not included

About the artist:

The images available here are the work of Christian artist Mike Moyers.
Speaking about his life as a fine artist, he said, "My deepest passion is to use fine art to communicate matters of faith. I firmly believe that art is a communion with the soul. Through my art, I strive to make known the beauty and wonder of life and faith." 

Available for a limited time:

These prints will only be available from Ascension until the end of 2018. 

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