Momnipotent DVD Set

$ 99.95

by Danielle Bean

A 4-DVD Set, including eight lessons (approximately 30 min. each). Each session uses creative, down-to-earth settings and organic, natural conversations among mothers of all ages and experiences.

About Momnipotent:

Too many moms feel disillusioned and overwhelmed. Many moms quietly resign themselves to the idea that peace, happiness, and joy are things they need to find in spite of motherhood, not because of it. Danielle Bean meets mothers just where they are in Momnipotent. Journey with women of diverse backgrounds as they discuss real issues that moms face every day.

  • Rediscover your unique feminine gifts.
  • Learn ways to encourage other women and be encouraged in your vocation as a mother.
  • Understand the beauty of the call to motherhood.

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