FREE Theology of the Body  Crash Course

with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Through a short series of talks, Fr. Mike will unpack the basics of Pope St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body and why these teachings are vital in today's culture.

This series is brought to you for free by Fr. Mike's local ministry, bulldogCatholic.

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Much of the material and outline in the PDF guide has been borrowed and/or adapted from content originally developed by Christopher West, Th.D, of the Theology of the Body Institute, and is used here with his permission. For further insights, you can hear more from Christopher West on his Theology of the Body YouTube channel or on his podcast, “Ask Christopher West,” available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.

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Duluth Newman exists so that God may be loved and glorified and His people may be saved and sanctified. We do this by offering students the opportunity to get involved in Bible studies, have access to the Sacraments daily, and enter a community of deep fellowship. Over the last 20 years, bulldogCatholic has grown beyond the borders of Duluth through Father Mike's collaboration with Ascension on projects like The Bible in a Year Podcast and his Ascension Presents videos. Our goal is to do our best to make sure each person that is involved with bulldogCatholic feels Seen, Known, and Loved.