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Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation

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A Room Full of Engaged, Attentive Confirmation Prep Teens
Who are Eager to Learn More.

(And You Don’t Even Have to Learn to Juggle Flaming Bowling Pins.)

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I can certainly appreciate how you might feel that way.

Teens can be a tough audience. They have tough questions, and they want answers.

Clear answers.

They HATE it when adults talk down to them or are evasive.

So Confirmation prep (and most religious education really) can be difficult.

Teens come in expecting the worst.

They're expecting to be bored.

They’re expecting to be talked down to.

To be told what to think.

To be told what to believe.

And that naturally makes them defensive. (Wouldn’t you be?)

But that is actually a good thing.

They’re relentless. They won’t accept half-truths in the place of the truth.

They want it all.

This is part of what makes Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation different.

Besides featuring 12 of the Church’s best presenters, they’re offering teens the fullness of the Truth.

Nothing watered down.

Nothing lukewarm.

Just the truth and beauty of the Faith, delivered in a fast-paced, engaging way (and shot in more than 50 beautiful locations).

You’ve seen it for yourself in the sample lesson you signed up for.

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  • One copy of the Chosen Leaders Guide that makes it easy for catechists to lead each session.
  • One copy of the Chosen Student Workbook so you can see exactly what your confirmandi will experience.
  • One copy of the Chosen Parent’s Guide, which instructs the parents in their integral role with their child’s Confirmation preparation, but is also an opportunity to revisit and rekindle their own faith.
  • And one copy of the Chosen Sponsor’s Guide that instructs sponsors on how to fulfill their role (while also helping them rediscover their own Faith as well).

You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly how this is going to have a real, lasting impact on your teens.

And the best part is that there is NO risk to you!

  • Don’t like it? Send it back.
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  • If you’re not thrilled with Chosen, you have no obligation to buy it.

We know that once you see it, you’re going to fall in love.

It’s simple to use

It’s engaging for your teens.

It presents a clear, compelling case for Catholicism.

Don't spend another year struggling to engage your teens during Confirmation prep.

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The Chosen Review Pack

The Review Pack provides all six resources a leader needs for the Chosen experience! It contains one DVD Set, the Director's Manual, one Leader’s Guide, one Student Workbook, one Sponsor’s Guide, and one Parent’s Guide.