Kairos Student Notebook

$ 5.99

On their Kairos retreat, your students will document and memorialize their experience in their Kairos Student Notebook.

  • They’ll capture the quote that struck them from the talk on the second day on page 27.
  • They’ll reflect on the high points and low points of their life in the Life Graph on page 84.
  • They’ll write themselves a letter, sharing their plans, ideas, and hopes on page 108.

Their Kairos Student Notebook will capture those first reactions to their new relationship with Christ. It will be a treasure they’ll look back on and revisit throughout their lives.

When they look for it on the bookshelf ten years later, they’ll find it easily with its bright familiar spine standing out among the paperbacks and marble copybooks.

When they come across it in a box of photos and letters they’ve held on to throughout the years, they’ll open the pages and be transported back to those four transformative days.

Our Kairos Student Notebook provides room to journal and aids students with Scripture and reflection. It is designed to help your students focus on the purpose of their time on retreat: to grow in friendship with Christ.


  • paperback
  • 124 pages

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