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Listen—and Respond—like Mary at the Annunciation. Mary has been called the "mother of listening." She didn’t just hear the Word; she pondered it in light of her own relationships and circumstances and then let it transform her. 

Sonja Corbitt is a best-selling author and one of the most dynamic and compelling new voices in the Church today. After years of Bible study, she recognized that Mary, the “mother of listening,” was providing a model of prayer that has the power to revolutionize your life of prayer.

Starting with Mary’s response to the Annunciation, Sonja will show you how to pray with Scripture under the guidance of the Blessed Mother. You will learn a powerful practice for daily prayer as Mary models it: L–isten, O–bserve, V–erbalize, E–ntrust. Sonja draws from vivid biblical texts to show you the key to loving Scripture and deepening your relationship with God.

In How to Pray Like Mary you will:

  • Develop a daily habit of life-changing prayer.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between God's voice and your own thoughts in prayer.
  • Understand Mary as the mother of the Church and a model for individual Christians … and why this is so important.
  • Rediscover the power in the early Church’s method of Scripture-based prayer. 
  • Discover how to hear the voice of God in Scripture, and so that reading Scripture becomes a joyful encounter with the one who loves you.
  • Find peace and direction every day as you turn to God’s Word and discover him working in your heart and your life.
  • Most importantly: You will know how to respond to God when you do hear him, just like the Blessed Mother!

This bundle includes...

  • Paperback Book (approx. 150 pages)
  • Six-Month Access to six, twelve-minute videos. (6 months starts from the time of first viewing). 


This bundle also includes the Prayer Bookmark, which has beautiful illustrations to help you remember the prayer systems you will learn in this book!

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