Living Together Before Marriage Pamphlet

$ 2.95

by Katrina Zeno

Few terms incite such varied emotions and responses than “cohabitation.” The idea of two adults living like they are married without the commitment of marriage used to be taboo. But now, like so many other cultural phenomena, cohabitation has become so commonplace that many are asking, “What’s the big deal?”

With clarity and humor, author Katrina Zeno tells us exactly what the big deal is. In this pamphlet, you will learn how the body expresses the soul - our bodies speak the language of who we really are. If our bodies say one thing (pre-marital sex) but our souls say another (I’m not ready to commit), then aren’t we living a lie? Sex doesn’t just belong in marriage; sex has an inherently marital meaning. Zeno explains why, with all the “practical” reasons for doing it, living together before marriage is not “kicking the tires,” but rather misses the mark of who we really are and what we are meant to be for one another.

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