Behold-ing the Mystery: Getting the Most out of the Mass

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We have all experienced the yawns, the rolling of eyes, and the whining of souls when it comes to Holy Mass…and that is often just from the adults. How do we pass along the mysterious beauty of the Liturgy to those within the pews and those outside the Church? How do we guide souls of all ages into a deeper comprehension of God’s timeless love flowing out of the sanctuary? Mark Hart will offer timely insights into the problem and propose some practical solutions to help make the Mass come to life in our lives.

About Mark Hart:

Mark Hart serves as executive vice president for Life Teen International. Mark is a popular speaker, award-winning author, and host of Fired Up on SiriusXM 129. Mark’s Catholic teen study programs, Encounter, T3, Altaration, and his free weekly Life Teen podcasts help hundreds of Catholics, young and old, explore Scripture and the Mass in a new way. He lives in Arizona with his wife Melanie, and their children.

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