What is the Theology of the Body and How Can it Change My Life? Pamphlet

$ 2.95

by Christopher West

The is the first title in the new series edited by Theology of the Body experts Christopher West and Katrina Zeno. In this pamphlet, West introduces us to the core truths behind this revolutionary teaching of Saint John Paul II. He asks the two most fundamental questions of human existence: 1) What does it mean to be human? and 2) How can we find true happiness? He shows how an understanding of who we are as male and female and the ‘spousal meaning’ of our bodies unlocks the key to these and all of life’s questions. God’s plan for us is “stamped right into our bodies,” and knowing this gives us a ‘new lens’ through which to see our life, our relationships, and the world around us. This pamphlet serves as a great, eye-opening introduction to this life-changing message.

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