The Early Church, DVD Set

$ 124.95

by Steve Weidenkopf

This ten-part DVD series provides a powerful and engaging experience for students as they journey through the origins of our Catholic Faith. When used in conjunction with The Early Church Study Set, these dynamic presentations by Church history professor Steve Weidenkopf deliver a compelling and inspiring learning experience that is sure to draw students both closer to Christ and closer to his Church! Each 45-50 minute presentation is designed to accompany a lesson in The Early Church Study Set and Leader’s Pack, which contain the essential reading assignments, questions, suggested responses, and additional material for the study.

The DVD Set includes:

  • Ten 45-50 minute presentations, each designed to accompany a lesson in the The Early Church Study Set
  • Classical art and contemporary imagery
  • Animated maps
  • On-screen quotes, citations and references
  • And more!

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