Straight Talk About Sex: A Seminar for Young Adults: 2 CD Set

$ 14.95

by Christopher West

Audio CD Set

Freedom. It’s a word that college students love. They love the experience of being seen as adults; they love the freedom to come and go on campus as they please. This freedom often results in a loosening of morals and an openness to the hedonistic culture found on most college campus.

Christopher offers a pointed critique of contemporary culture and what it has fed us for the past several decades. He explains that what often passes as love is actually love’s counterfeit: lust. “Lust leads to deep heartache and broken relationships,” he explains. “Love leads to the happiness for which we are all looking.”

Using fascinating stories and analogies, West explains how the intimate relationship between man and woman is meant to point us “to the stars, to eternity.”

Sharing his own personal struggle as a young adult, Christopher gains the respect and admiration of the audience as he offers practical insights on how to live purely amidst a decadent culture.

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