Receiving the Word: How to Pray with Scripture Using Lectio Divina

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by Sarah Christmyer

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“There is one particular way of listening to what the Lord wishes to tell us in his word and of letting ourselves be transformed by the Spirit,” Pope Francis wrote in The Joy of the Gospel. “It is what we call lectio divina.” Sarah Christmyer explains the advantages of this ancient method of prayerful Bible reading and gives simple step-by-step instructions for individuals and groups.

About Sarah Christmyer:

Sarah Christmyer is the editor of the Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study program, author of coauthor of several Great Adventure studies, including The Prophets, and author of The Bible Timeline Guided Journal. Sarah has been a Bible study teacher since 1999 and helped launch Catholic Scripture Study (CSS). She is coauthor of two Bibles studies on Genesis published by Emmaus Road. She lives near Philadelphia with her husband, Mark, and their children.

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