Passing on the Greatest Story Ever Told

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by Jeff Cavins

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How can Catholic kids spend 12 years in Catholic school and not know what they really believe? Because they have not been taught the “"story” of their faith. They may have been given what the great Catholic apologist Frank Sheed calls a “heap of Catholicism,” but not the whole story. They have no knowledge of how what they believe fits together or how it applies to their lives.

In this inspiring presentation, Jeff Cavins points out that our Christian faith truly is “the greatest story ever told.” He notes that many in the Church today have never been taught the “narrative thread” that ties the faith together, and so they don’t know where they come from or where they are going spiritually. As a result, many listen to the “story” our pop culture tells.

According to Jeff, the solution to this sad situation lies in studying the two books that tell our faith story, the Bible and the Catechism. If we make these books the basis of our spiritual lives, we will know who we are as Catholics and be able to effectively pass our faith on to our children.

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