Life Skills for Couples, Couple's Set

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by Tom McCabe, MA, Rosemary McCabe, Greg Popcak, PhD

Life Skills for Couples is the virtue-based life-skills component of the Joy-Filled Marriage marriage preparation program. Life Skills is designed to help engaged couples set patterns of thought and behavior that will ensure a lifelong, joy-filled marriage. Through engaging videos and beautiful written materials, Life Skills helps couples prepare for their future life together.

The Couple’s Set will guide participants during their participation in the Life Skills for Couples program with thought-provoking questions, inspiring quotes, and helpful commentary. It contains two Couple’s Guides and a copy of the Couple’s Journal. The Couple’s Guides are designed to accompany the corresponding lessons from the videos.

This program will help participants:

  • Learn practical strategies for a successful marriage based in sound principles
  • Discover more about themselves and each other
  • Recognize topics of importance in their relationship, identify shared goals, and set concrete plans to build a joy-filled marriage

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