Life Skills for Couples, Couple's Guide

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by Tom McCabe, MA, Rosemary McCabe, Greg Popcak, PhD

Life Skills for Couples is the virtue-based life-skills component of the Joy-Filled Marriage marriage preparation program. Life Skills is designed to help engaged couples set patterns of thought and behavior that will ensure a lifelong, joy-filled marriage. Through engaging videos and beautiful written materials, Life Skills helps couples prepare for their future life together.

This program will help participants:

  • Learn practical strategies for a successful marriage based in sound principles
  • Discover more about themselves and each other
  • Recognize topics of importance in their relationship, identify shared goals, and set concrete plans to build a joy-filled marriage

This Couple’s Guide is essential for every participant of Life Skills for Couples (two per couple). It includes the content of each session, Check-In questions to help the couples engage personally with the content, Break-Out Activities, and guidance for how to use the Couple’s Journal to ensure continued growth and progress.

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