Kerygma Cards

$ 9.95

Simply and effectively share the Gospel

The Kerygma Cards outline a simple, 7-step ‘framework’ for Catholics who want to share the Gospel with others...but are unsure about how to start.

Most Catholics have never been trained on how to give a quick, simple explanation of the core message of the Gospel--and to do so in a compelling way.

The Kerygma Card will teach you how to do this.

“Kerygma” is a Greek word for “the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ”.  

The new Kerygma Card, from Ascension, explains the Gospel message in a clear, step-by-step manner, so you can share your faith confidently, systematically, and joyfully.  Just 5.5” x 8.5”, double-sided, the Kerygma card is simple to understand and use.

What the Kerygma Card is not.

  • The card is not a tract to be handed out on street corners. Rather, it is a simple guide that helps you easily teach yourself, and others committed to evangelization, how to share the Gospel succinctly and effectively.  If you want copies for yourself and others, or perhaps for your parish evangelization team, we provide the card in packets of 10 at a low cost.

How you can use these cards.

  • First of all, for yourself! These cards will help you understand the basic message of the Gospel so you can be ready to share the reason for your joy at any time.
  • Secondly, for your friends or anyone who wants to effectively share their faith.
  • Thirdly (with your pastor’s permission), these cards are ideal to put in your parish resource rack or vestibule so fellow Catholics can also learn how to share their faith.


“I am grateful for Ascension Press’s new Kerygma Card that articulates the Gospel message in a concise but effective manner. Too often these types of things are oversimplified, watered-down, and incomplete. Even though the Good News of Jesus Christ can’t be reduced to a trick or a method, Catholics ignited in their faith and desiring to learn to share it with others can use the Kerygma Card to help guide them to share their faith in an authentically Catholic way. Thank you!”

Stephen Colella
Cabinet Secretary of Parish Life
Archdiocese of Miami


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