Fulfilled: Part Two, Starter Pack

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Fulfilled is a book and a two-part study exploring the biblical roots of Catholicism. It uncovers God’s consistent design for our worship of him and his relationship with us. Learn where the blueprint for the Catholic Faith was laid in the Old Testament and how Jesus fulfilled it in the New Testament.

The Fulfilled - Part Two Starter Pack includes:

  • Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism book
  • Part Two DVD set
  • Part Two Workbook

Part Two Sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction and Review of Part One
  • Session 2: The Light of Truth
  • Session 3: The Bread of Life
  • Session 4: Holy Smoke
  • Session 5: Holy of Holies
  • Session 6: The Throne of God
  • Session 7: At Home in the Tabernacle

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