Exodus: Called to Freedom, DVD Set

$ 99.95

In these ten videos Tim Gray provides an overview and explanation of the book of Exodus.

These videos are just one part of the program. The Exodus Study Set contains the study questions, responses, and talk notes needed for the study.

Videos included:

  1. Exodus 1–2: A People and Its Hero
  2. Exodus 3–4: The Hesitant Servant
  3. Exodus 5–7: “Let My People … Worship”
  4. Exodus 8–10: Signs and Wonders
  5. Exodus 11:1–15:21: Passover and Liberation
  6. Exodus 15:22–18:27: Providence and Problems in the Wilderness
  7. Exodus 19–23: The Ten Commandments
  8. Exodus 24–31; 35–39: The Tabernacle
  9. Exodus 32–34: Rebellion at Sinai and Covenant Renewal
  10. Exodus 40: Led by God’s Spirit

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