Created in His Image: Modern Medicine and the Dignity of the Human Person Pamphlet

$ 2.95
In the world of modern medicine, we are long removed from the days of house calls when doctors were able to give patients the attention they needed and deserved. Many times today, patients often end up being treated as a number to quickly usher through, rather than a person to patiently care for. This is normally not the intention of the doctor, who can be as frustrated by the process as the patient. So, just what has gone wrong with the medical picture and what can be done about it? Through the profound “lens” of the Theology of the Body, this pamphlet looks at the world of medicine and speaks directly to those involved - physicians, nurses, physical therapists, caregivers and patients. It reshapes the way we look at health care by reminding us of the most critical truth of all _ the dignity of the human person. This pamphlet should be read by every health care worker and displayed in every waiting room.

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