Insight Journal

Recall God’s faithfulness in your life.

God lavishes us with blessings every day, but it is easy to overlook or forget about them. That’s why Jeff Cavins, top Bible expert and creator of The Bible Timeline® Learning System, has created the Insight Journal: a beautiful place to keep track of insights in life.

This new, highly researched Insight Journal system allows Catholics to organize and easily keep available the “gold” they encounter in life, such as key quotes, lessons learned, and moments of recognition that God is working. Having all the beautiful reflections, ways God is speaking, and more organized and accessible allows life’s insights to be passed down to future generations or recorded for personal reference!

This journal features:

  • Beautiful cloth-bound hardcover
  • Dedicated space to record quotes from the saints, favorite Scripture verses, prayer intentions, and more
  • A “table of insights” to fill in for easy organization
  • Beautiful gift box
  • Two ribbons for easy navigation
  • Archival-quality paper (100 gsm)
  • Elastic strap to keep the book closed
  • Pocket in the back cover to keep small items

Explore the Insight Journal with more videos here →

The videos above include:

  1. All About the Insight Journal
  2. How Jeff Uses His Insight Journal
  3. How to Use the Table of Insights
  4. How to Use The Will of God Pages
  5. How to Use the Prayer Intention Pages
  6. How to Use the Praise and Thanksgiving Pages
  7. How to Use the Favorite Saints Pages
  8. How to Use the Special Folder in the Back

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