Dashboard Changes

Your Ascension dashboard is changing

You may have seen an email from us recently letting you know about some improvements to your dashboard. We have made it simpler to lead and view studies.  What does this mean?


For Study Leaders:

  • You no longer need to create a group, or add your study to an online map, or enter the email addresses of your participants. 
  • If you buy your materials in bulk, we’ll email you a link to forward to your participants. When they click that link, they will be able to view the materials online.
  • Or if you prefer, just direct your participants to purchase their own materials from ascensionpress.com. We’ll send each participant a link for online access. 


For Study Participants

  • You no longer need to search a map for your zip code or find a study.  Just buy your materials, and watch the videos!
  • If you bought your own materials from our website, we emailed you a link for online access to your study videos on our online partner, Thinkific (the first time you click, it may ask for a password - you can use the same one you use at Ascension).
  • If your leader ordered the materials for you, they will send you a link which you can click and watch the videos at your convenience.


For Everyone: 

  • Your old dashboard has been replaced with a link to the new platform.
  • You may need to reset your password before signing in.
  • You can still sign in through our home page, then, from the Menu in the upper right, just click "Study Dashboard."
  • If you were previously registered for a study on our old platform, we’ve enrolled you in the course on our upgraded platform.