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Includes an announcement for both BIY and CIY!

Use this artwork to purchase your own 33.5" x 80" retractable banner from a vendor of your choice!



Need help getting the word out? Start here!

Step 1) Seek parish support

The support of your pastor, parish priest, director of religious education, or other parish leaders can help make your promotional efforts a success.

Before speaking to your pastor, it may help if you are able to explain what The Bible in a Year is about, how your parish family could benefit from it, and what help you will need to spread the word about the podcast.

If you are a pastor or work at a parish or diocese, skip to Step 2.

Step 2) Choose the timing for your promotion

Although The Bible in a Year is designed to begin at any point in the year, we recommend inviting your parish family to start listening on January 1st or during Lent. These times of the year are when Catholics are most looking for ways to grow deeper in their faith, and what better way to do that than by listening to The Bible in a Year!

In general, you should begin promoting The Bible in a Year about four to six weeks before your chosen timeline.

Step 3) Get the word out about The Bible in a Year!

Check out the available resources above, and pick the ones you believe will best reach your parish family. This includes handing out flyers, hanging up posters, announcing at the end of Mass, inserting weekly advertisements in the parish bulletin, personally inviting others, etc.

The more often people see or hear something, the more they remember it!

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