Accessing Your Study From a Leader's Link

Enrolling from a Group Link is Easy!

If a Study Leader purchases study components in bulk, the participants will be able to view online. Here's what happens, in Three Steps:

  • Step One: Buy your materials

      • Buy your materials at, or by phone with our customer support team.
      • If you're buying in bulk for multiple people at once,  we'll send you an email within a few days with instructions and a link to send to your participants. This link will be unique to your group's study, and will allow the participants to register at no additional charge, up to the number of participants equalling the number of workbooks you have bought.
  • Step Two: Email Your Participants, They Create an Account
    • When a leader emails the link to participants, they will be taken to our new video platform on our partner, Thinkific.
    • The first time you click that link, you may have to create a password on the site (to make it easier, you can choose the same password you use at
    • If you've already used the thinkific platform, there's no need to create a new account, just click "I already have an account" to sign in 
      • Enter your first name, last name, email address and password. After that, you just click "Sign up" to move to move to the checkout page, where you'll complete your enrollment.
      • On the Enrollment page, there is a course checkout, but no cash should be due; your link has a built-in coupon to make sure that you don't have to pay on this page.

      • Step Three: View the Course Materials
        • When you enroll, you'll come to your dashboard
        • If you are registered for more than one course, they will all be listed here
      Student Dashboard 
        • To view the course content click Start Course (or Resume Course) for the course you want to view.
        • Once in the course, first, you'll see the Getting Started page, which will provide and overview of the course, and possibly an introduction video. Make sure to scroll down through the whole page to read or view all the content for that session before hitting "Complete and Continue" to move to the next session.
          • The image above shows how a course is laid out on a desktop computer. There is always a table of contents on the left where you can move back and forth between sessions, while the content for each session is on the right. But phones, tablets and some laptops may have a narrow screen, and the table of contents may not fit on these screens. 
          • If you would like to move to another session and don't see that table of contents, (as shown below), you may instead see 3 black lines in the upper right corner.  Simply click these lines to bring up the table of contents
        • For every session, everything you need will be in the content area. First, you will see a description of the session, then you can scroll down and watch the video
      Session One Video 
        • Scroll down below the video to see the workbook content, such as Study Questions

        • Additional content, such as Responses to the Study Questions, may be found below the Questions, so you get the entirety of the workbook for each session!

        • When you're finished, you can click "Complete & Continue" to move to the next session, but remember, you can always use the Table of Contents Menu to return to previously viewed Sessions.