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A Card Game Specifically Designed for Devout Catholics!

The Catholic Card Game is like your favorite “prompt and answer”-style games, but all Catholic!

Players must select their best card to answer prompt cards such as, “Lord, I need ____” or “I’ll be canonized for ____.” When silly cards like “a glow-in-the-dark rosary” or “forgetting about the novena on Day 4” are thrown in the mix, this game brings joy, fun, and Catholic culture to your evenings or events.

Each game can accommodate 310+ players and has over 400 cards, so every time you play is a different, hilarious experience. Throw in an expansion pack, and you’ll have even more cards to increase the fun!

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The Catholic Card Game: Base Game

The Catholic Card Game: Base Game

$ 35.00

The Perfect Group Game for Catholics! Great for teens, young adults, and adults, The Catholic Card Game is a “prompt and answer”-style game that...

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The Catholic Card Game: Ascension Expansion Pack

The Catholic Card Game: Ascension Expansion Pack

$ 10.00

To fully play The Catholic Card Game with the Ascension Expansion Pack, you must also have the Base Pack. Get ready to say, “Man, oh man!” Add mor...

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