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that helps teens understand the Bible

Are you looking for the best way to help teens read and understand the Bible?

There is a special way of reading the Bible known as The Great Adventure Bible Timeline™.

This timeline was created by Jeff Cavins. He had been trying to explain the "big picture" of the Bible to people, and just couldn't seem to find a way to make it simple for them to understand.

Then ... one day ... it came to him. He broke out a big piece of butcher's paper and laid it out on the ground. He grabbed some markers, a ruler, and before he knew it he was looking at the first ever ... Great Adventure Bible Timeline chart.

That same chart has helped more than a million people finally begin to read and understand the Bible, and now we've just released a brand new version specially made for teens.

Today, we'd like to make sure you get it in your hands to! That is why we're offering you one free chart for your very own, you only need to cover the cost of shipping.

*Due to shipping costs, offer valid for US customers only.

The chart that makes the Bible easy to understand

The Bible can be confusing. With all the stories and people to keep track of, we find that teens tend to lose sight of the "big picture" of salvation history. That's why is chart is so helpful.

You teens will see:

  • The 70 key events that move us through the story
  • The 12 time periods the story is broken into to make it easier to follow (and the colors that go with each period)
  • The narrative books of the Bible that correspond to that time period
  • The major secular world power of the time
  • The location in the Holy Land where the story is taking place (this becomes SO important during The Divided Kingdom time period)
  • The progression of God's covenants with his chosen people
  • And so much more.

When they understand the Bible, they'll appreciate the beautiful plan God has for the world, and the amazing plan he has for their lives.

Normally, we sell this chart for $4.95, but we want to get this vital Bible reading tool into the hands of as many teens as we can, so we're offering it today for free, just cover the cost of shipping.

Take advantage of this special offer today.

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