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Now that your teens have the "big picture" in the chart, make sure they don't miss
the deeper meaning of the story.

With the The Bible Timeline Chart for Teens, your teens will always be able to see where they are in the "big picture" of the story of the Bible.
This chart is actually a key piece of our new program Venture: The Bible Timeline for High School.
In the program, your teens will enjoy eight fast-paced, fun video sessions featuring Mark Hart, who brings more than 25 years of experience sharing the Bible with young people.
Each session not only covers the time period of the Bible, but also takes time to address challenging questions teens have about the Bible, as well as offering a profile of a specific person from the Bible that teens can relate to.
If you'd like some help taking your teens through the Bible Timeline that you have in the chart, Venture is an easy, fun way to do it.
When you order a Student Pack, you'll not only get a workbook to help the information sink in, you'll also get access to the videos through our online platform.
Add the Student Pack to your order now (you'll save on the cost of shipping the chart and the workbook separately).

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