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Our all-in-one solution for High School Youth Ministry:

Venture: The Bible Timeline for High School (8 sessions)

  • Introduces teenagers to the “Big Picture” of salvation history in a way that is simple to understand and easy to teach
  • Uses the revolutionary Great Adventure Bible Timeline® Learning System that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to understand the Bible
  • Gets teens to open their Bibles and learn the story of salvation history—from Genesis to Revelation—with a focus on God’s covenants and biblical characters.

Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed (5 sessions)

  • Addresses head-on one of the biggest problems we all face: how do we get Catholic teens to appreciate the awesome beauty and mystery of the Mass…and to actually look forward to attending and participating?
  • Designed to stir thought, create conversation, dispel myths, and inspire young souls to a deep and lasting love for the Mass.

YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body (10 sessions)

  • Presents an authentic view of the human person through the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II
  • Introduces high schoolers to Theology of the Body with dynamic videos and workbook content
  • Gives high schoolers a vision of sexuality that is rooted in God’s truth
  • Guides high schoolers in their pursuit of identity, meaning, and purpose

All feature some of the most engaging presenters in the Church, including Fr. Mike Schmitz, Mark Hart, Jackie and Bobby Angel, Fr. Josh Johnson, Mari Pablo, and more!

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Mark Hart

Jackie & Bobby Angel

Fr. Josh Johnson

Mari Pablo

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