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You will receive an overview of all the major teachings of the Catholic Faith with the book, but we just wanted to let you know that the What We Believe study also features a 10-part video series filmed on-site at incredible locations in Rome featuring Marcellino D’Ambrosio and Andrew and Sarah Swafford, as well as a workbook to help you fully experience the study.

The What We Believe Study Set Includes:

What We Believe Book

Printed Copy of the What We Believe Workbook ($26.95*)

Access to the Online Workbook and Videos


*Cost of each item if purchased individually

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Amazing Bible Study

“I converted to the Catholic faith 54 years ago. This was before RCIA. I had 6 sessions with a priest. 10 years ago Bible Studies were started at our parish. I started to learn that being Catholic was more than just attending Mass on Sunday and sending your children to a Catholic school. This is one of my favorite studies. A great follow up to Jesus the Way Truth and Life and to get ready for The Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz).

By Nana Linda on Aug 09, 2022

Great resource!

“If you struggle to put into words what you know to be unshakable truth in your heart, What We Believe is a blessing. It has been for me and everyone I’ve shared my Catholic Faith with!”

— By Nikki on Aug 06, 2022

The Best Ascension Study

“The What We Believe study is #1. It is a concise version of Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) . What We Believe’s format has a straightforward and pleasant attitude. The first lesson grabbed me by my shirt—I did not want to stop until the whole course was finished! The composition is presented at a layman’s level; you do not need degree in religion to understand material. What We Believe is worth the cost of the course. The video is nice as far as the scenery of Rome, but it is not presented in a lecture format. The presenters are passionate, sincere, and enthusiastic—they seem to be conversing with each other like friends in a coffee shop.”

— By Cathy on Oct 27, 2022



“I am enjoying the study and I am doing it with a group that I met while doing The Bible in a Year. We decided to do this study in preparation to start the Catechism in a Year. I have done quite a few studies and enjoy them very much.”

— By Diane Lavallee on Sep 29, 2022