The Only Section of the Church's Official Book for Exorcists That Lay Catholics Are Allowed to Pray.

The devil is always in pursuit of those striving for heaven.

Luckily, the Catholic Church gives us powerful prayers to guard our souls against his spiritual attacks.

An appendix from the Church's official book for exorcists, Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness gives Catholics a series of invocations and litanies that they can use in their struggle against the infernal enemy.

This is the only section of this official book that lay Catholics are permitted to use in their daily battles with evil. The rest of this book is reserved only for exorcists and distributed only through bishops.

It is our prayer that every Catholic household has a copy of this booklet to banish the devil from their homes and lives.

Do you want a booklet of these powerful prayers?

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What Prayers Are Included?

  • Prayers to God for Protection
  • Invocations to the Holy Trinity
  • Invocations to Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • St. Michael the Archangel Prayer
  • Litanies to God and the Saints


Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness is a 56-page, 4"x6" booklet.