How Would You Like to Do No Greater Love?

No Greater Love is available on its own as a book by Dr. Edward Sri, but the study also features:

  • a 5-part video series filmed on-site in the Holy Land with Dr. Sri walking you through each step of Christ’s passion
  • a workbook to help you fully experience the study



No Greater Love Book

Printed Copy of the No Greater Love Workbook ($23.95)*

Access to the Online Workbook and Videos

Total Value: $63.80 /  Your Price: $26.95

*cost of each item if purchased separately

“No Greater Love is a beautiful guide that helps us walk beside Christ during his Passion and last hours. I developed a deeper understanding of our faith and of Christ's love for us. The content is amazing, but there is just something so powerful about the beautiful scenery of the Holy Land that connects to my heart on another level!