Join Fr. Mark Toups for a Daily Guided Reflection Through Lent—and Fall More Deeply in Love with Jesus than Ever Before

Now that you have Fr. Toups’ book, The Way of the Cross: Praying the Psalms with Jesus, we just wanted to see if you would like Fr. Toups’ transformative daily meditation journal to help you encounter Jesus even more powerfully throughout Lent.

 This Lent, experience deeper peace and healing as Fr. Mark Toups immerses you in Christ’s journey through his life, invites you to reflect on his suffering and death, and inspires you to celebrate in his resurrection.

During the course of Lent, you will fall in love with Jesus, learning to see with his eyes and love with his heart. More than just a journal, The Ascension Lenten Companion will guide you, day by day, to an encounter with the person of Christ and help you arrive at Easter transformed by God’s love.

Following the same award-winning format that hundreds of thousands of Catholics have enjoyed through past Lent and Advent reflections, The Ascension Lenten Companion will lead you inward to experience deeper prayer and renewed focus in this powerful season.


How it Works

Following the same format that more than a hundred thousand people enjoyed in Advent with his popular Rejoice! journals, the Ascension Lenten Companion offers powerful guided meditations for your prayer but also plenty of journaling space to write down your insights and make the journal your own.

Each day, you receive:

Additionally, each week features stunning original sacred artwork by Catholic artist Mike Moyers, and weekly reflection videos with Fr. Mark Toups plus special videos for Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

This is the perfect Lenten meditation series for busy Catholics who want to maintain a consistent and fruitful prayer life this Lent.

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Customer Reviews


“This is my 66th Lenten season, but boy oh boy, it was a season like none I ever experienced before. I always thought that I was a staunch Catholic who understood my faith and my God. How wrong I was. As I journeyed each day through the Lenten Companion, I felt myself truly connecting with my God. In fact, there were times when the emotions within ran so high, I cried. I am not the same person who started this journey on Ash Wednesday. I feel like a caterpillar who has shed its cocoon; I feel lighter, freer, happier with how I see myself. I feel so much closer to my God, but I know that my journey has only just begun. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am forever changed.

— By Alison

Changed My Heart

This devotional was the piece I was looking for to bring me closer to our Lord. I am forever changed. This touched my heart and soul each day as I read and prayed. I will order every version. Take the time to dive into this, you won’t regret it. I am so grateful for discovering this.

— By Deb S.


“This is my third lent using the Lenten Companion, and I would never go through Lent or Advent without them. Fr. Toups challenges you to a closer relationship with Jesus but at the same time he leads you into that relationship. It is so thought provoking and encourages you to continue on with deepening your relationship with Christ.”

— By Elizabeth





"This Lenten Companion was truly a tool God used to give me complete healing. The presence and intervention of the Holy Spirit was felt all through. Every meditation and exercise was filled with redemptive power. Each week built up to what God wanted to accomplish at the end. This companion was truly an answer for my life and healing journey. Everyday God used the meditations and scripture, to talk to me directly.   These companions have been a big tool to bring lots of fruit to my life. This companion can truly be a before and after in your life."

— By Pricila M

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