What everyone looking to center their life around Christ
ought to know about him

In this book, Catholics walk step by step with Jesus from his infancy to the Ascension. Anchored in the life of Christ as presented in the Gospels, it explores the entirety of Jesus’ life—who he is, what he is really like, what he taught, what he did for our salvation, and what this means for us as Catholics today.

This study shows, in a simple way, how Jesus, the Incarnate God, is both fully divine and fully human—his intimacy with the Father, his revelation of the Father’s love, and his extraordinary influence on his disciples, his followers, and even his enemies.

Most importantly, this encounter with Christ will inspire and empower you to center your entire life in him as you come to know and love him in an ever-deeper and more intimate way.

In this book, Catholics will learn...
• Who Jesus is and how he answers the longings of the human heart.
• Why Jesus was baptized.
• The significance of the Transfiguration.
• The essentials of Christology explained in a way the average Catholic can understand.
• The mystery and meaning of the Resurrection, Christ’s triumph over death.
• The nature of Jesus’ mission and the redemption of humanity.
• Our role today as Catholics in the Great Commission.


Very helpful as a text for students and for those ... who want to get acquainted with, or deepen, their knowledge of Jesus.

Fr. Roch Kereszty, Cistercian Monk and Theologian on Jan 11, 2021
This book is based on the conviction that the real Jesus of history, as he lived, died and rose from the dead, is the Jesus of the Gospels. It shows Jesus’ life-giving powerful personality that cannot be the product of "anonymous primitive communities" because it explodes any man-made categories.

The author is aware of the history, geography and social conditions of Jesus’ times and his country. It is very helpful as a text for students and for the large public of believers and unbelievers who want to get acquainted with, or deepen, their knowledge of Jesus.

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