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Now that you have a step-by-step guide to reading the Bible...

Now that you have a step-by-step guide to reading Scripture, you have almost everything you need to get started.

Except a Bible.

It's important to pick a Bible that you understand.

Otherwise, you might get tripped up on tricky words or confusing stories.

You might get frustrated, which will make it hard to stick to your new routine.

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible is the Bible that has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholics read and understand Scripture.

If you don't have a copy of this Bible yet, we highly recommend picking up a copy.

Why The Great Adventure Catholic Bible?

To truly understand what you're reading in the Bible, you'll need a plan for which books to read.

This Bible gives you a plan.

It leads you through the overarching story of Scripture and reveals God's plan of salvation for humanity from Creation to Christ.

You'll also want further explanations of what you're reading as you go along.

This Bible has articles, charts, callout boxes, and more that give you a summary of each major event, introduce each historical time period, and highlight the key characters to pay attention to.

If you want the best chance of staying committed to reading the Bible and understanding what you're reading, this is the Bible for you.

Do you want to get started today?

Order a copy of this popular Bible at the link below!

Top Reviews From Catholics Like You


Love this Bible!

"I have a number of Bibles that I have used over the years. This one quickly became my 'go to'. The language is easy to understand, and the extra summaries, graphs, and instructions are so very useful! Well worth the purchase price."

—Nancy B.


Beautiful Bible

"This is a stunning Bible, with the leather cover, detailed maps, and amazing cover images. It has a summary and narrative in the beginning of books so as to help aid you understand what it is that you are reading. At the bottom of the page, a smaller explanation of the text you just read is included. I highly recommend this Bible."



The Best Bible

"This is the Bible that makes me want to read the Bible. It's so easy to understand, and the notes are so helpful. I couldn't recommend it more."

—Carolina P.

Order your Great Adventure Catholic Bible today!

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