One more question.
Do you have a Bible that you love to read
along with The Bible in a Year podcast?

You've got the chart and Walking with God, so you're in tremendously good shape already.
Before you go to checkout, we just wanted to see if you needed a Bible as well.
Not just any Bible. Not a "bookshelf" Bible that looks nice, but is a little clumsy to handle. Not a Bible with onion skin pages you'll worry about tearing.
Do you have your Bible?
Do you have the Bible that draws you in and guides you? Do you have the Bible that just feels good in your hand?

Do you have a Bible that actually helps you read it? (Our Bible has the Bible Timeline built right into it.)
If not, we think you'll love The Great Adventure Catholic Bible.
It's the most popular Bible in America. Quite simply, people LOVE this Bible:

The last Bible you will order

Meaghan on Jun 19, 2021

I have a lot of Bibles. A lot: Blessed Is She, Word on Fire, King James, Ignatius, St. John's, Oxford...a lot. But this will be the last Bible I will ever purchase.

Like so many, my life has been transformed listening along to the "Bible in a Year" podcast. But listening when driving or working was just not enough. I wanted to sit with God's Word, be with His Word.

I was almost tempted to believe that it was frivolous to buy yet another Bible. But, in the week I have had it, I could not imagine my journey through Genesis to Revelation without this precious treasure. I have barely even looked at any other parts of it besides where Fr. Mike is reading from...but I am so impressed by the timelines, the size of the text, and the key points along the way. I am thankful to have this particular Bible for my children as they grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord.

Thank you to Father Mike, Jeff Cavins, and everyone who thoughtfully and prayerfully put this Bible together for all of us who are yearning to be nourished by God's precious words!

As you embark on a year of reading the Bible, make sure you're prepared.

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