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Podcast listeners love following along with the same Bible as host Fr. Mike Schmitz!

We are so excited to have you journey through the Bible with us by listening to The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)™.

So many listeners have come to understand the Word of God more deeply with this podcast, and we can't wait to see you experience this transformation too!

As you embark on a year of reading the Bible, we want to make sure you're prepared.

During the podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz will be reading from The Great Adventure Catholic Bible.

If you don't have a copy of this Bible yet, we highly recommend it!

Podcast listeners love following along with this Bible and say that it greatly improves their listening experience to have the same Bible as Fr. Mike in their hands.

Plus, it is color-coded to match The Bible in a Year reading plan that you just downloaded so keeping track of episodes and time periods will be much easier.

Order your copy and get ready for this amazing journey today!

Top Reviews From Bible in a Year Listeners


Love it!

"I had a different Catholic version when I started the year through the Bible with Fr. Mike. It was hard to follow along so I decided to get this one. The language is correct yet contemporary, and I love to follow along! Couldn't be happier. It is a beautiful book to have and read on your own as well."



Perfect Bible

"This has been the best Bible to date that I have owned. Using the Bible with The Bible in a Year podcast has made my daily readings so much better. It has helped me want to read along and has greatly assisted me in learning God’s Word more deeply ... This Bible was worth obtaining to make my journeys through God’s Word a growing covenant with God."



Love this Bible!

"I hear Fr. Mike say every day that this is the Bible he uses, and my sister also recommended it. I already had 2 other Bibles, but this Bible is much better to follow along with Fr. Mike’s Bible in a Year. I love the color coding divisions and the maps. I am learning a lot from this Bible, and I highly recommend it!"

—Patti F.

Order your Great Adventure Catholic Bible today!

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