Help Catholics Fall in Love with Jesus in the Eucharist

With Behold the Lamb of God: 60 Questions and Answers on the Mystery of the Eucharist

One of the most common challenges we’ve heard from parish and diocesan leaders around the country is getting Catholics back to the sacraments, in particular, the Eucharist.

How do we do that?

Help them have a deeper understanding of the Eucharist so they can encounter Jesus in this life-changing Sacrament each time they go to Mass or Adoration.

Designed to accompany the National Eucharistic Revival, Behold the Lamb of God is the everyday Catholic’s guide to the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist, taking readers through the teaching in a simple and inspiring manner.

Many Catholics might find resources about the Eucharist too academic, boring, or time-consuming.

We want to truly meet the people in the pews where they are—and help reveal the jaw-dropping reality of what Jesus has given to all of us in the Eucharist.

In an accessible and straightforward question-and-answer format, Dr. Edward Sri unpacks sixty common questions about the Eucharist to engage all Catholics in this incredible mystery of our Faith.

We are so excited to bring this important resource to as many Catholics as possible, and we have bulk pricing available for parishes and dioceses.

Readers will:

  • Learn what the Eucharist is and when and how Jesus instituted it.
  • Understand why the Eucharist (and going to Mass) is vital to their daily lives as Catholics
  • Discover why the Eucharist is called the "source and summit of the Christian life," the "medicine of immortality," and the "sacrament of love.”
  • Explore the three main aspects of the Eucharist and what they mean: Holy Sacrifice, Real Presence, and Holy Communion.
  • Receive practical steps to grow in devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist.