Now that you have the Ascension App...

Get a Copy of the Bible That Has Helped Thousands of Catholics Read Scripture

Now that you have the Ascension App, you have access to so many resources that will help you read and understand the Bible like never before.

Plus, you have access to the entire text of the Bible.

We can't wait to see how all of these amazing features transform your understanding of Scripture!

While you're arming yourself with the resources you need to read and understand the Bible, we also recommend a physical copy of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible.

This Bible has helped thousands of Catholics dive deep into the story of Scripture and develop a relationship with God in his Sacred Word.

As you're making your way through Scripture, you may want a physical copy to follow along with that you can hold in your hands.

Plus, this Bible has additional articles, maps, and charts that will help you follow along with the words of Scripture.

We've heard from thousands of Catholics that having a physical copy of this Bible greatly improves their digital journey through the Bible.

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