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A Biblical Walk through the Mass will absolutely transform the way you view and understand the Mass. You'll never experience it the same way again.

We just wanted to let you know that this book is also part of our ultra-popular study program that offers in-depth video presentations with Edward Sri that will help you understand even more about the "source and summit of the Faith" ... the Mass.  

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More excited than ever about attending Mass
Susan Wimmers on Oct 22, 2021
This work by Dr. Sri is for everyone: cradle catholic, converts, those thinking about becoming Catholic. The Mass will never be the same for you after experiencing Dr. Sri's explanation of every aspect of the Mass from the introductory sign of the cross to the Great Amen. Our study group feels so strongly about the benefit of this course that we feel it should be offered every year and more often if possible. If you want to become more excited about Mass and experience an even closer relationship with Jesus, don't miss this program.

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