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Thank you for requesting The 90 Day Reading Plan, that is such a fantastic first step in your journey toward reading and understanding the Bible.

And maybe you’re curious HOW this reading plan is going to work. How will it get you to read the whole Bible in just 90 days? (Will this have you reading for two hours every day? NO!)

Here is how the reading plan works.

You see, this plan was created by a man named Jeff Cavins. And for a number of years, before he returned to the Catholic Church, Jeff was a Protestant minister. As a minister, he spent a lot of time teaching folks about the Bible.

But no matter how much he taught, he always found it difficult to get the “big picture” of the Bible. He’d get caught up in the stories and lose sight of The Story.

It occurred to him that there are a lot of different types of literature in the Bible. (It’s more like a library than a book in that way.) And only some of the books in the Bible tell the story.

So he thought to himself, “If I can just focus on the story to begin with, I’ll be able to keep it all straight.” And he went through the Bible and identified the 14 books of the 73 books of the Bible that tell the story. And he went through those 14 books and focused on just the parts of those books that move the story forward.

These are what he includes in his Bible reading plan.

See? That’s how The 90 Day Reading Plan helps you get the “big picture” of the Bible in just 90 days.

But Jeff didn’t stop there!

Even just reading through the story like that, he was still finding it difficult to keep things straight. He wanted something visual. Something that would help him see it all in front of him at once.

That is when Jeff created what has become known as The Great Adventure Bible Timeline chart. Since then, this amazing chart has helped more than a million Catholics begin to read and understand the Bible!

Jeff went out and bought some butcher paper, sat down at his kitchen table and in 48 hours (he says he didn’t even sleep, he was too excited), he created that first chart.

What the chart does is take that big picture story that is laid out in the reading plan and it breaks it up into pieces, like chapters. Jeff calls them Time Periods. These Time Periods make it so much easier to keep the different parts of the story straight.

Not only that, but each Time Period has its own color to make it even easier to remember. The colors have to do with what is happening at that part of the story, The Royal Kingdom (when King Saul and King David come into the story) is purple for instance, since purple is the color of royalty.

But Jeff didn’t stop there either!

He saw how the story was moving to different parts of the Holy Land (like Joseph going down to Egypt) and thought it would help people if they could see where the story was happening, so he added that to the chart.

He added the major world powers during each time period to help provide people with more context about when this is happening. This part also offers some of the world events happening to really paint the picture.

The chart even provides the different covenants God makes with his people, and Jesus’s genealogy!

It covers so much, but despite that it still feels clear and straightforward. People who’ve used this chart find it MUCH easier to get their minds around the big picture of the Bible.

We know how much of an impact this chart can have, and since you requested The 90 Day Reading Plan, we bet you might really benefit from getting a copy of this chart yourself.

That’s why we’d like to give you a copy for free! (All we ask is that you cover the cost of us shipping it to you.)

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Customer Reviews


Priceless Timeline
Enrique on Feb 22, 2022
The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart is AMAZING! I love the way it overlays so many levels in one place. It helps one understand where a particular book of the Bible and its main characters fit into the broader scheme of scripture overall and the historical context. Priceless!


Great visual!
Sue Williams on Jan 21, 2022
I love being able to visualize the major periods of biblical history. It's so easy to get lost in people, places and tribulations of bible history, so the timeline is a great way to keep everything in it's proper perspective.


Catholic View of the God's Cosmic Story
Carol Younger on Nov 12, 2021
There is no other clear uncomplicated outline and introduction of the huge love story God tells in the Catholic Bible. Our need for mercy from the beginning. His everlasting love, justice, redemption, conquest of sin and death and promise of eternal life are all compressed into a folding card inviting you into its colorful sweep of Salvation History. Every serious student of the Bible simply MUST have this aide and guide to consult frequently! One of mine is tucked inside my Bible, another near my writing desk for quick reference.


Love it!
William Butler on Apr 09, 2019
The timeline puts all of the books of the Bible in historical context. It brings salvation history to life. I loved it so much that I purchased the indexing tabs to put on my New American Catholic Answer Bible and I keep the timeline with the Bible.

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Customer Reviews


Bible Timeline Chart
David on Jan 30, 2023
I attended a Catholic grade school and high school. ... I was seldom able to see how the different persons related to one another or how all the pieces fit together in chronlogical order. This tool should be available to students in grade school and religious study classes so they can see the big picture and how and where the different Biblical periods take place and relate to one another. I find this chart to be very helpful in following the genealogy of Jesus and understanding the complete story in the Bible.


Bible Timeline
Sandra on Aug 25, 2021
I simply love it!!! I bought 2, one for my son, who is trying to get more in depth with Catholicism. It is definitely worth the money. To visualize the chronology of the Bible with secular history is fantastic. “Thank you!”


Bible timeline chart
Sandy on Aug 24, 2021
Boy, a picture is worth a thousand words and this timeline proves it. It captures everything we are covering in a chart that is very easy to read and follow. Well done!!


Introduction to the Bible Session for my RCIA Classes
Joe on Jul 07, 2022
This is a handy-dandy tool I use when introducing the Bible to new RCIA candidates. It's visual, it covers the OT salvation history, and gives me a great introduction to discuss the NT in more detail. It's a great hand-out. They grow interested in reading the Bible on their own and using the chart as a reference.