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Once you begin reading the Bible following The 90 Day Reading Plan you'll be able to get the "big picture" of the Bible in just three short months!

But will you understand it?

The 90 Day Bible Reading Plan follows a special way of reading the Bible known as The Great Adventure Bible Timeline™.

This timeline was created by Jeff Cavins. He had been trying to explain the "big picture" of the Bible to people, and just couldn't seem to find a way to make it simple for them to understand.

Then ... one day ... it came to him. He broke out a big piece of butcher's paper and laid it out on the ground. He grabbed some markers, a ruler, and before he knew it he was looking at the first ever ... Great Adventure Bible Timeline chart.

That same chart has helped more than a million people finally begin to read and understand the Bible.

Today, we'd like to make sure you get it in your hands to! That is why we're offering you one free chart for your very own, you only need to cover the cost of shipping.

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Customer Reviews


Priceless Timeline
Enrique on Feb 22, 2022
The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart is AMAZING! I love the way it overlays so many levels in one place. It helps one understand where a particular book of the Bible and its main characters fit into the broader scheme of scripture overall and the historical context. Priceless!


Great visual!
Sue Williams on Jan 21, 2022
I love being able to visualize the major periods of biblical history. It's so easy to get lost in people, places and tribulations of bible history, so the timeline is a great way to keep everything in it's proper perspective.


Catholic View of the God's Cosmic Story
Carol Younger on Nov 12, 2021
There is no other clear uncomplicated outline and introduction of the huge love story God tells in the Catholic Bible. Our need for mercy from the beginning. His everlasting love, justice, redemption, conquest of sin and death and promise of eternal life are all compressed into a folding card inviting you into its colorful sweep of Salvation History. Every serious student of the Bible simply MUST have this aide and guide to consult frequently! One of mine is tucked inside my Bible, another near my writing desk for quick reference.


Love it!
William Butler on Apr 09, 2019
The timeline puts all of the books of the Bible in historical context. It brings salvation history to life. I loved it so much that I purchased the indexing tabs to put on my New American Catholic Answer Bible and I keep the timeline with the Bible.

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