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Great call in grabbed a copy of Walking with God (you're seriously going to love it)!

Before we take to you checkout, we've wanted to make sure you were totally taken care of. You see, we've helped more than a million Catholics learn to read, understand, and love the Bible.
... and in helping that many people, we've seen what folks tend to find really helpful.
First, you need a Bible that you feel comfortable reading every day. Not the heirloom Bible that you got from your great grandmother with the thin pages you're nervous about tearing. We mean a sturdy, "everyday" Bible that you can really live in, take notes in, highlight and underline, and not feel worried.
For that people love our Great Adventure Catholic Bible. (When you get it, many customers like to also like to get a set of the Bible tabs, to make it even easier to find the specific books of the Bible more quickly.)
Then we've seen many Catholics find it helpful to have Jeff Cavins himself walking them through the Bible in his video series The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation.
In 24 sessions, Jeff brings you step-by-step through the whole "big picture" of the Bible, making sure to share incredible insights and Scriptural tidbits that will forever change the way you think of and experience the Bible.
With these three pieces (along with the chart and Walking with God book), you'll be well-prepared for your journey through the Bible. Simply click the button below to add these to your order now.

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