Theology of the Body Pamphlet Series:
Clear Answers to Difficult Questions

Do you want to introduce someone to an important issue but don’t know where to begin?  Sometimes you know they won’t read an entire book, but you still want to give them solid and concise information.  Pamphlets are the solution because they address some of the most pressing issues in our culture quickly and with authority.

Their compact size and affordable price (available with great bulk discounts) means you can share them with everyone.  In addition, parishes can easily use them to spread the faith: as parish bulletin inserts; in a rack in the vestibule; as handouts for Adult Faith Formation groups, RCIA, Youth Groups, and more.

Thank you for your work in helping to provide the profound insights of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in a format and style that is understandable for people who have been raised in a culture that too often gives little reflection to the true meaning of our human nature and how our lives and passions are meant to be properly ordered.Thomas J. Olmsted,
Bishop of Phoenix

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Free wall or counter display with the purchase of any combination of 150 pamphlets. This beautiful, clear display easily mounts to a wall or can be placed on a counter top. This is perfect for parish vestibules and bookstore table-top displays.

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Christopher West introduces us to the core truths behind the revolutionary teaching of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Learn More.


With sensitivity and insight, Christopher West separates myth from facts in this controversial issue showing the true path to a happy, healthy marriage. Learn More.


Glenn Stanton, the Director of Family Formation Studies at Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, shares with fellow Evangelicals what he discovered in the Theology of the Body. Learn More.


Practical, straightforward guidance to help you talk to your teen about sex, dating, and much more. Learn More.


Through the profound “lens” of the Theology of the Body, the world of medicine and care is carefully examined. This pamphlet should be read by every health care worker and displayed in every waiting room. Learn More.


Few terms incite such varied emotions and responses than ‘cohabitation.’ With clarity and humor, Katrina Zeno tells us exactly what the big deal is. Learn More.


With each new gadget, app, or toy added to our busy lives, it is crucial we learn how to balance these realities so that they assist rather than hinder our quest to connect with others and God. Learn More.


If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, this pamphlet is an indispensable resource. Learn which options are in accord with Church teaching and why it matters. Learn More.


Is your marriage everything you hoped for? Dr. Popcak, demonstrates that all couples can reach the beautiful power of a more sexually intimate marriage. Learn More.


Katrina Zeno shares her insights on how rediscovering her own identity renewed her personally and how it can provide the best foundation for understanding all roles women are called to fulfill. Learn More.


In this pamphlet, Bill Donaghy discusses the challenges men face in today’s culture and the ways they are called to live. Learn More.


Whether you struggle with pornography or you know someone who does, this pamphlet is an answer to one of the most critical questions of our time. It unpacks the allure, the effects, and the proper response to what has become one of the biggest spiritual and social epidemics we face. Learn More.