The Theology of the Body for Teens chastity programs use Blessed Pope John Paul II's vision for love and life to answer the tough questions kids are asking about God, sex, and the meaning of life.

Not Your Average Chastity Program

A chastity program needs to extend beyond teaching sexual morality. Yes, the Theology of the Body speaks to the purpose of love and sexuality, but also much more, including the most fundamental question of all: what is the meaning of life? With engaging stories, real-life scenarios, activities, and prayers, TOB for Teens connects the two hottest topics on the planet—God and sex— unlike any other chastity program in the church today. Teens are already surrounded with messages, images, and peer discussion concerning these topics. It is nearly impossible to escape them in today’s culture so it is vital to be there to offer them the truth in a positive and relevant way.

Teens Have Questions and Desire Guidance

Teens and pre-teens are in a confusing time of quest and discovery, especially with issues concerning their bodies, their sexuality, their future and how they relate to others. After seven years and tens of thousands of students having gone through the Theology of the Body for Teens chastity programs, our feedback confirms that these issues are on their minds more than anything else. They do have questions. They may never voice them, but they want guidance. More than that, they crave it even if they don’t actively articulate it.

How Are Sensitive Topics Handled?

Praise for the Theology of the Body for Teens Chastity Program

Presented by leading youth experts Brian Butler, Jason & Crystalina Evert, and Colin & Aimee MacIver, and in use in thousands of classrooms, youth groups, CCD programs, homeschool studies and after-school programs across the country, the Theology of the Body for Teens chastity programs are changing lives:

Theology of the Body for Teens opened my eyes to where I not only understand the concepts, but I see why I should live that way, and that’s the way I want to live.Matt C., High School Student
TOB is a message our teens need to experience now, more than ever, and the resources and training Ascension Press provides has, at long last, made it accessible for them.Christopher J. Stefanick
Director of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry
Archdiocese of Denver
The things I have learned this year have impacted my life in a profound way, more so than any other class I have taken in my high school career Ruth B., High-School Student
Theology of the Body for Teens is the most powerful weapon that I’ve come across in all of my ministry to help teens in their relationship with God, and to liberate them from the lies they face every day.Fr. Mark Toups
Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux