Walking Toward Eternity is helping Catholics live out the faith they profess by cultivating Christian virtue in their daily lives.

Applying the Faith to Your Life

Walking Toward Eternity is a series of studies designed to help you make real and lasting changes in your life. Through a prayerful reading of Scripture, personal reflection, and a commitment to action, you will grow in faith and be given the means to put it into practice in your daily life.

Life Application Walking Towards Eternity

How Does It Work?

Walking Toward Eternity combines devotional reading of Scripture (lectio divina), personal journaling, group discussion, video commentary, personal witness, and prayer. All of these components serve to illustrate what it means to be a Christian. You will discover how to live out your faith by turning to Scripture and the teachings of the Church, learning practical steps for living a life of holiness and virtue.

Putting Your Faith Into Practice

The most important part of these studies is the final step. You are asked to commit to making real changes in your life. Each session is concluded by turning to God in prayer with three simple questions: "What is God placing his hand on in my life? What does he want me to do about it? And, when?"

Walking Toward Eternity is Changing Lives

It brings everything in our faith, everything that we learn from the Catechism… everything that we know about the Mass and the sacraments; it takes all of that and tells us how to put it in practice to really do what Christ is calling us to do.Liz T.
I think this is a great way for people to tap into a deeper relationship with God by changing within.Jodie M.