CONTINUUM™: Total Parish Evangelization

Discovery (pre-evangelization)

There are moments when the wisdom of God sheds light on the struggles of everyday life. The person and message of Christ capture our attention, and we open our hearts to the possibility of reordering our lives around him. The Good News of the gospel presents us with the joy of new life in Christ.

Encounter (evangelization)

When we encounter Christ and commit ourselves to his loving plan for us, we say “yes” to his will, his family (the Catholic Church), his worldview, and his unique way of living. A true encounter with Christ elicits a response, resulting in a conversion from death to life.

Formation (catechesis)

Formation is the process of deepening our commitment to become like Christ and to be equipped to carry out his will in our lives. This formation is ongoing and encompasses every aspect of human life. The goal of becoming like Christ is a movement from head to heart and eventually affects every sphere of our existence.


Discipleship is the ongoing commitment to live, learn, and share with others what Jesus has taught and handed on to his Church. As the Father sent his Son, so the Son sends his disciples into the world to proclaim the Good News and help others to discover the joy of new life in Christ.