Great Adventure Kids is a dynamic collection of materials that teach the story of the Bible in a fun and interactive manner.

Interactive Materials that Work!

It is not easy to hold the attention of child, even in the best of circumstances. Whether you’re an educator or parish volunteer, teaching kids the Bible can be especially challenging. In development for years, we’ve adapted the tried and tested elements of the hugely successful Great Adventure adult Bible study program into remarkable products created just for kids. Great Adventure Kids is designed to not only engage and hold a child’s attention, but most importantly, to teach them the story of salvation history.

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Designed for the Way Kids Learn

Incorporating play, memorization, prayer, and group interaction, Great Adventure Kids uses specially designed learning tools that let’s children relate Bible stories to their own lives and familiarizes them to the story that runs throughout all scripture.

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The Great Adventure Storybook helps students, children, and families read through the Bible together using the same color-coding and chronological approach as the adult Great Adventure Bible Timeline. This beautifully illustrated resource introduces God’s love story to children while helping them to understand how the Catholic Church is the body of Christ on Earth—and shows them what part they play in God’s plan. Build a foundation of faith with your family today! Learn More.


The Great Adventure Storybook Teacher’s Guide provides a comprehensive Bible curriculum for young people, spanning from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Using The Great Adventure Storybook, the Bible, and the Catechism, this program guides students through salvation history, showing them how our Catholic Faith is rooted in Scripture. Learn More.


The five items included in this educational package (Chart, Game Set, Bible Story Coloring Book, Bookmark, and Prayer Beads) are based on the color-coded system of The Great Adventure and will aid in teaching children the narrative story of salvation history. Through play, memorization, prayer, and interaction, these learning tools bring familiar Bible stories into a system where children can relate them to their own life. Learn More.


Learn More.


The color-coded bookmark is a scaled-down version of The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart for easy reference. Learn More.


Designed to emphasize the lessons from each period of Bible history. Learn More.


Essential to the program, the color-coded chart details the 12 periods of Bible history. Learn More.


A playing card based system designed to teach children as young as three the “big picture” of salvation history. Instructions for five games are included. Learn More.