Instructions for Downloading eBooks and MP3s

Once you have purchased your electronic book or MP3 download, you may click on your order number immediately upon checkout. Next to the name of the product, you will see a download link. Click on that link to download and save the file. If you are already out of the shopping cart, please click on the "Account" tab at the top of this site, log in if prompted, and go to your recent orders.

eBooks on Amazon Kindle (.mobi)

You have two options when it comes to transferring your Ascension Press eBook to your Kindle:

Using Your Kindle USB Cable
To transfer your Ascension Press eBook using your Kindle USB cable, connect the cable to your Kindle. If you are using a PC, your Kindle content folders will appear as a removable drive in Windows Explorer. If you are using a Mac, your Kindle content folders will appear in Mac OS Finder. (If you have an optional SD memory card installed, it will also appear as a drive independent of the Kindle.) You will then need to transfer the .mobi file you downloaded from Ascension Press to your "documents" folder on the Kindle.

Learn more about transferring eBooks using USB.

Wireless Kindle transfer
You can transfer your Ascension Press eBook wirelessly into your Kindle by using your dedicated Kindle email address. (This address can be found on the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon.) Download the eBook file to your computer. Email the file to your dedicated Kindle email address and Kindle will wirelessly deliver the file directly into your Kindle.

Learn more about emailing content to your Kindle.

eBooks on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook, PC, and Mac (.epub)

ePub is now a standard eBook file format that is supported by almost every eBook reading device including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kobo, Sony Reader, BeBookr, and the Nook.

In addition to hardware devices, you can also read .epub books on your desktop or mobile phone using free e-reader software. Here is a list of freely available software which you can use to read our eBooks:

  • iBooks – Free eBook reader for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices. Click here for more detailed instructions on using ePub files with iBooks.
  • Kindle for PC – Free eBook reader for Windows
  • Kindle for Mac – Free eBook reader for Mac
  • Aldiko – eBook reader for Android phones.

Transferring a eBook to a Nook Device
You can transfer your eBook to your Nook device using Adobe Digital Editions desktop software. Click here for detailed instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us.