Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible, 4 CD Set

$ 39.95

by Jeff Cavins

In these eight presentations Jeff Cavins provides a compelling overview and explanation of the Bible and salvation history.

Presentations included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Early World
  3. Patriarchs
  4. Egypt and Exodus, Desert Wanderings
  5. Conquest and Judges, Royal Kingdom
  6. Divided Kingdom, Exile, Return
  7. Maccabean Revolt, Messianic Fulfillment - Part 1
  8. Messianic Fulfillment - Part 2, The Church, Continuing the Journey

These presentations are just one part of the study. The Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible Student Workbook and Leader’s Guide contain the talk notes, discussion questions, responses, and home preparation needed for the study.

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