T3 Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come, Student Workbook

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by Mark Hart

The Student Workbook is essential for each participant in the T3 Matthew Bible study. It contains everything teens need as they begin to discover the timeless power of the Gospel. Its eight lessons provide an overview of the Gospel of Matthew in a way that teens can relate to and understand. Each lesson should accompany the corresponding presentation from the DVD or CD series, which contains expert commentary presented by Mark Hart.

About T3 Matthew:

Thy Kingdom Come picks up where The Teen Timeline left off, as Mark takes teens on an in-depth journey into the heart of God. Follow along as the group encounters the authentic Jesus of the gospels. Experience Jesus’ ministry unfold through His miracles and parables. Be there as our Lord triumphantly enters into Jerusalem on His way to the cross, tomb, and resurrection.

Paperback, 56 pages. 

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